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The Redefinition

The Redefinition By Victor Anene

Success is not always far away. We all can virtually sight or envision the success we desire, and insome ways, it might just be a touching distance away. As attractive and fabulous as it may be, success is static; it is as static as a mining site or quarry, yet ever ready to yield its energies and treasures to whomever slides towards its part. Indeed, the human mind or attitude is the difference
between the person for whom success is a mirage or an illusion and the person whois already counting the gains.

The mind is the engine of human ingenuity. For the e0ntrepreneur, the mind is and works like an engine. Thus, the entrepreneur’s mind sees a good story from a bad expression, a proposal from a rejection, a fortune from an empty bank account, a spring from a wilderness. Such a person holds every situation against the light to view what lies beneath, that which normally eludes the foresight of many who only dwell on peripherals.

In this book, you will learn;

  • The real meaning and ideaology of success.
  • Redefining your subconscious mind.
  • 20 success traits.
  • Steps to redefine yourself.
  • Some quotes to keep you motivated and more!.. Download and Enjoy!

Author (s): Victor Anene
Size: 2.96 MB
Year: 2019
Page(s): 50 Pages
ISBN: loading..
Language: English

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